Sun Spa only administers 100% natural ingredients, aside from exclusive skin care products, featuring a range of products designed to perfect skin imperfections.
All products have been carefully selected, with our concept and philosophy in mind at all times. All ingredients used are especially employed to correspond to the clients’ needs, to promote well-being and bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit. The range of components includes tropical flowers, fresh cucumber, orange and papaya, coconut, coffee, chocolate and many more. Also used are home-grown herbs in the Ayurvedic treatments.

The Sun Spa operations at Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort and at Vilu Reef Beach & Spa Resort use Biokos facial skincare products, which incorporate powerful natural plant extracts working in harmony with skin cells to prevent and correct skin deficiencies by stimulating cell renewal - rejuvenating and reactivating tired skin.

A wide range of exclusive skin care products as well as spa accessories are on offer in our boutiques in each resort spa, so that our clients can take their favorites back to share with a loved one, or simply continue its pleasure in a ‘home spa’ treatment.


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