Q:     Who is Sun Spa Resorts Pvt Ltd?
A:     Sun Spa Resorts Pvt. Ltd. is a spa management company incorporated in the Maldives. Its primary aim is to
        develop, manage and operate full spa and wellness facilities.

Q:     Where are the Maldives?
A:     The Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is an island nation consisting of a group of atolls in the Indian
        Ocean. The Maldives are located south of India, and south-west of Sri Lanka. The Maldives' twenty-six atolls
        encompass about 1,192 islands, of which approximately two hundred are inhabited by local communities.

Q:     Which time zone are the Maldives in?
A:     The Maldives are GMT+5. However, some islands have their own island time, which is usually GMT+6.

Q:     What climate can I expect in the Maldives?
A:     The climate of the Maldives is warm year round, determined by the monsoons. However, being on the equator,
        the monsoons are mild and not as defined as in neighbouring countries. Of the two monsoons, the southwest
        monsoon from May to October brings some rain and wind. The northeast monsoon, from November to April,
        is the dry season with very little wind. The temperature varies little with an annual average daily maximum of
        30.4 degrees Celsius and the minimum at 25.9 degrees Celsius. As the Maldives are located at the equator,
        you will enjoy plentiful of sunshine throughout the year.

Q:     Do I need to apply for a visa for the Maldives?
A:     No prior visa is required to enter the Republic of Maldives. A free 30 days Visa will be granted to visitors on arrival
        at designated ports of entry, based on the immigration requirements.

Q:     What is the official language of the Maldives?
A:     The Indo-Aryan language “Dhivehi” is the official language of the Republic of Maldives, however, most of the
        population today also speak English. Dhivehi is closely related to Sinhala. Many languages have influenced
        the development of Dhivehi through the ages, most importantly Arabic. Others include Tamil, Malayalam,
        Hindi, French, Persian, Portuguese, and English.

Q:     What is the local currency of the Maldives?
A:     The Maldivian unit of currency is the Rufiyaa (ISO 4217 code MVR, symbol MRf.), introduced in 1981. The Rufiyaa
        is divided into 100 Laari. On 12 December 2007, the exchange rate with the US dollar was USD 1.00 = MVR 12.80.
        However, all resorts accept the major credit cards and major currencies, with the most widely accepted being the
        US Dollar.

Q:     Do I need to get any vaccinations before traveling to the Maldives?
A:     Only travelers coming from yellow-fever infected areas are required to show proof of a recent yellow fever vaccination.

Q:     What is the electrical current in the Maldives?
A:     The voltage is 220 volt, with UK 3-pin plugs. The resorts will mostly provide adaptors upon request.

Q:     Who should I contact at Sun Spa Resorts Pvt Ltd?
A:     Please email info@sunsparesorts.com with the relevant information and we will ensure your email is passed to the
        appropriate department.

Q:     Where do I send questions and comments about this Internet site?
A:     If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please email to webmaster@sunsparesorts.com, include a brief
        explanation and provide any error messages received. We truly appreciate your feedback and will consider
        your ideas when enhancing our site with further content, features and functionality.

Q:     Where can I send comments regarding a past spa treatment at a property within the group?
A:     Please email info@sunsparesorts.com with the relevant information and we will ensure your email is passed to the
        appropriate department. Be sure to include the subject of enquiry and your contact information.

Q:     Who do I need to contact for any media requests?
A:     Please contact the Sun Spa Resorts Public Relations and Marketing department for any media requests. You may
        visit the Pressroom for further details or send an email to the PR Department at info@sunsparesorts.com.

Q:     What is your policy on 'Lost & Found' items?
A:     Should any guest lose personal belongings whilst staying at a Sun Spa property, if recovered, the item will
        be recorded as 'found' by that particular property. Each property keeps detailed records of all 'found' items,
        and will store these for a maximum of three months.


Q:     How can I make an online reservation?
A:     To make a reservation online, please use our booking form which you will find under "Reservations" or email to

Q:     How can I amend or cancel an online reservation?
A:     For all amendments and cancellations, please email to info@sunsparesorts.com.


Q:     Where can I find information about career opportunities within the group?
A:     For information about the group's career opportunities, please email to info@sunsparesorts.com.

Q:     Where can I send my resume?
A:     You may submit your resume by emailing it to info@sunsparesorts.com.

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